• Confection in Pink

    I swear I don’t know where the time has gone this year. I think “Oh, surely I just posted a few days ago, I’ll have another post up soon”, and then the month is only over and I’ve only posted once. Quite the mystery.

    Anyway, continuing to work through the photo backlog not entirely in chronological order! I thought this would be a good outfit to share today as I’m planning on wearing the same hat to my church gig this morning!

    1940s chocolate brown suit paired with a raspberry pink blouse and hat

    The church I work at now doesn’t go the full nine yards with all the pageantry, but for special liturgical seasons I like to make an effort to have my hat match the vestments, just for fun. Mostly this means I wear purple during Lent and Advent and try to remember to get out my red hat for Pentecost. Now, there are two Sundays a year where the purple can optionally be pink (ahem, rose) and although most churches don’t have the vestments for it, I can at least wear a pink hat!

    1940s tilt hat in pink topped with a cluster of velvet flowers, paired with a brown suit and raspberry pussy-bow blouse

    Anyway, today is one of those such Sundays (Laetare Sunday, named for the first word of the introit in the chant) and so I will be wearing this hat.

  • Winter Blues

    Hi guys! I… um… it’s been a while? I wrote this post a bit back and then got distracted by things like being sick, work, and getting a new video game that caused my computer monitor to be abducted for the cause… so assume all times and dates in this post are a week or two old!

    I worked from home all last week thanks to the very complicated process of moving from a desk on the 4th floor to a desk on the 3rd floor, and I figured this would be a good time pt continue with my series of outfits that match my collection of “You Are Here” mugs!

    50s inspired low-key workwear outfit with a black sweater and a blue plaid skirt with huge hip pockets

    Today’s mug is my Niagara Falls mug, which I picked up (naturally) in Niagara falls on a road trip to Wisconsin. I’ve only gotten to see the falls from the American side, so someday I would love to cross over and have a look from the Canadian side… I’m sure the view is spectacular!

    Starbucks Niagara Falls "You Are Here" collection mug in shades of blue and grey

    At present, though, I don’t have much in the way of spectacular views. Just cold weather (again), the last of the melting snow, and a nice cup of tea.

  • Space Cadet

    One thing I do like about overcast days with snow-covered ground is that it makes excellent light for photography. Bright, soft, even light, no dark shadows to be found! It’s hard to get light that nice on a bright sunny day.

    Retro 1950s inspired outfit with a space ship and flying saucer novelty print flannel dress paired with a bright orange feathered hat

    Today’s outfit is brought to you mostly by me wanting an excuse to wear this hat. I’ve been looking for an orange hat for a while (I like having all the colors, even if they aren’t all good colors for me…) and Doug was so taken with this absolutely absurd orange feathered creation that he got it for me for Christmas. I know, he’s a good guy… supports my hobbies and enables my hat habit.

    1950s orange wool hat with a veil and a faux bird of matching feathers paired with an outer-space themed novelty print dress

    I was having a hard time figuring out what to pair an orange hat with and then I realized that my novelty print felt spaceship dress had the perfect matching bright orange. Obnoxiously bright colors for the dull weather we’re having, warm and cozy felt to ward off the cold, and covered in spaceships to match thematically with NASA’s exoplanet announcement… clearly, a perfect combination.

  • Last Hurrah of the Snow

    I’m starting to think that the snow storm last week was the last hurrah of winter, and things are starting to turn towards spring. Of course, since I always seem to take pictures faster than I can post them, I’ll have to shuffle my pictures out of order a bit so that I can get all the ones that have snow in them out of the way first.

    1950s inspired outfit with a black coat and skirt paired with a leopard print sweater and matching hat on a snowy winter day

    For example, these pictures were actually taken the looks at timestamp on pictures gosh, the 12th? Apparently I’m further behind on posting than I thought… honestly, I was sure I had chatted with you all just last week (which is true!) but anyway.

    These pictures were taken two Sundays ago when we stopped at Minuteman on our way home for the sole purpose of frolicking in the snow and taking a few pictures to document the magical winter weather.

    1950s inspired outfit with a black coat and skirt paired with a leopard print sweater and matching hat on a snowy winter day

    I picked my clothes 100% for coziness factor and 0% for photographability… apparently black on black doesn’t photograph well in the snow, whoda thunk. However, I do not regret my choices.

  • Snowy Valentine

    I don’t have any actual Valentine’s Day pictures for you, because on Actual Valentine’s Day I was mostly feeling sorry for myself and wearing a full-body sweater as I tried to avoid coming in contact with more people than necessary. Yes, in true winter form I am sick and busy being a large baby about it and napping as much as possible.

    Red and black Hell Bunny Vivien coat over a vintage black and white checked wool wiggle dress paired with a valentine heart brooch and red accessories

    Fortunately, I took some Valentine’s-y pictures earlier this month. I’m miffed that most of them turned out a bit blurry, but it was my first go at taking pictures with my new mini tripod so I suppose I can’t really expect perfection.

    Red and black Hell Bunny Vivien coat over a vintage black and white checked wool wiggle dress paired with a valentine heart brooch and red accessories