Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Guest Post, Part 1! Giltriddengal Talks Outfit Inspiration At The MET

Today's post is brought to you by the amazing Hannah ( @giltriddengal )... I'm going through some big busy things so if I can twist her arm there might be a few more posts from her in the works! She's an amazing lady with the best clothes, and I'll let her take it away...

Hi there! Some of you may remember me from my first guest post here, back in September, but for those of you who haven’t seen my face or heard the nonsense that comes out of it before, I’m Hannah, or @giltriddengal via Instagram. Before I go any further, I just want to thank my dear friend Frances for giving me a platform to ramble about vintage clothing. I couldn’t be more appreciative for the opportunity to write about my passion and present it to an audience full of fabulous and likeminded people.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Proudly Plaid

We finally got our first decent snow storm of the winter!  So naturally, we headed out first thing to our local park to have a walk in the snow and shoot some pictures before things got too dangerous or slushy.

I've always been a decently outdoors-y person, but as I've transitioned to vintage styles, I've had fewer things to wear for adventures outside.  Suits and dresses are pretty, but maybe not the best choices for a hike or fishing or a canoe trip.  Summer activities were pretty easy to prepare for in style, and I've gotten a lot of mileage out of the two playsuits I've made for that purpose.  But sometimes a gal needs more than shorts.  I'm still working on nailing down a proper pair of high-waisted blue jeans, but I was thrilled to find a vintage Pendleton 49er knock-off while I was doing my after-Christmas shopping.  I love the colors and think it'll be a perfect starting point for some great casual "Up North" looks.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snow Bunny

We got another dusting of snow last week, and what perfect timing to show off my last Merry-Birthday-To-Me present!  I've wanted skirted coat in a fun color for ages, and as my short red coat is finally starting to show its age (considering it was a $20 fashion coat purchased at least 6 years ago!) it seemed like a good time to add a coat to my collection.  After loving the fit of every Hell Bunny dress I tried on at Modern Millie, I was doing a little online window-shopping when I spotted the Vivien coat in red and quite on sale.  It looked pretty dumpy on the teeny tiny model, but a quick google reassured that in real life the fit was more flattering, so into my shopping cart it went.

Hell Bunny Vivien coat in red with American Duchess Victoria boots make a retro 1950s outfit

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of what arrived!  It's not the warmest coat I own by a long shot, but it's a perfect finishing layer on a cold day.  I particularly like the full skirt, perfect for wearing over petticoats and swirling around in.  The cut velvet collar and cuffs are a nice detail too, and they look impressively like the Persian lamb they're meant to imitate.

American Duchess Victoria carriage boots from Royal Vintage Shoes, styled for the 1950s on a snowy step

I wasn't sure how well cleared the snow would be, so I opted for my Victoria boots from Royal Vintage Shoes.  I've blogged about these before here, and they've been my go-to boots to slip on when I need to run to the shops and I don't trust myself wearing proper heels.  I have added a textured rubber sole to these, though, as a leather sole would be ruined pretty quickly around here with all the salt and cobblestones.  I think the next step in thoroughly winterizing these will be getting some sheepskin insoles...

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Eensy Weensy Spider

The month of January has certainly flown by!  I was about to tell you about the lovely presents I got just a few days ago for my birthday and when I looked at the calendar I realized it's been almost a month!  But they are still lovely presents and I'm going to tell you about them anyway.

1940s cold weather style with a brown mismatched suit, black accessories, fur tilt hat, and rhinestone spider pin

For about as long as I've been interested in vintage clothing I have been deeply envious of Solanah's truly stunning spider brooch, Mr. Beaumont.  (I'm also deeply envious of that entire outfit, but one step at a time!)  I've been looking for a spider of my own, although as my criteria were very specific it took a while!  Rhinestone body, eight legs (not six!), must be arranged so as to look like a spider and not like an ant or (heaven forbid) a tick, of a moderate size... so when I spotted this little guy on Etsy while I was definitely not shopping for myself before Christmas I added him to my favorites and crossed my fingers that he'd still be there later!  He fits all the criteria (although, he could be a little larger) and the price was reasonable... and naturally, a few days later I saw the unfortunate little "SOLD" note pop up in place of the price.

Vintage aqua rhinestone spider brooch on the lapel of a brown checked I. Magnin jacket

And yet, here he is anyway neatly camouflaged on my lapel... because Doug is a clever fiance who apparently has my Etsy favorites bookmarked and when I mentioned finding a good spider brooch he proceeded to purchase it and hide it somewhere until my birthday!  And, by random good luck, a pair of earrings I also got for my birthday from someone else happen to be exactly the same colors as this little guy so I imagine I'll be wearing them together often.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Thoroughly Modern

As regular readers might have noticed, a decent chunk of my wardrobe is from local vintage and consignment shops.  Modern Millie, a vintage and consignment shop located in Salem, MA, is the source of quite a few of my favorite pieces.  They stock a range of authentic vintage, modern consignment, and new retro or reproduction brands, as well as a range of new and consignment accessories.

I went in last week to pick out a dress from the new stock they just got in for a brand new online shop!  Modern Millie is carrying dresses from Hell Bunny, Voodoo Vixen, and Hearts and Roses so far, which is awesome. I've been hesitant to order from overseas brands directly, so it's great to have another US shop stocking some amazing repro brands.  I tried on a bunch of things (although I missed the new Hearts and Roses dresses, boo) and spent way too long agonizing over the choice... I really wanted to love some of the Voodoo Vixen dresses they had, but the long-sleeved styles have really narrow arms.  I'd never had the opportunity to try on any Hell Bunny styles before, though, and I was pleased to discover that most of the Hell Bunny dresses fit me quite well.
I ended up settling on the Hell Bunny Brooke polka-dot dress after some serious consideration.  I love the flocked polka dots and the contrast buttons on the collar... and the aqua color is just perfect.  I can't wait to style it for warmer weather!  It was way too cold on Sunday for a short-sleeved cotton dress, so I layered up with some cotton tights and a vintage jacket for extra warmth.