Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New for November

I've been trying very hard to behave myself and stop shopping before Christmas, but it's so tempting to browse through Etsy for a few wishlist items, and then when you find one at a reasonable price, it's awfully hard to tell yourself not to buy it because it will probably still be there in a couple months... and then when you find out you just happen to have money lurking in your PayPal account that you'd forgotten about, well...

Anyway, now I'm done shopping for myself until after the holidays!

It's been a very November-y sort of November, with biting cold some days and moderate weather others and plenty of wind.  The leaves are all brown and very bleak now, so I'm waiting with some impatience for the day after Thanksgiving at which point it will be socially acceptable to fill my living room with bright lights and sparkly decorations.

So, the suit!  I've been looking for a good black suit for quite a while now, and although I got one last fall that halfway fits (I still need to alter the skirt) I was hoping to find one that's slightly more era-ambiguous that I could pair with some of my larger and sillier hats.  So when I saw this one listed (wool felt, curly lamb details, lightly padded shoulders) I reviewed all of the measurements a couple times, crossed my fingers, and hit "buy"... and my little leap of faith was rewarded!  I'm not sure that I paired it with quite the right foundations on its inaugural wear, and I'm not totally happy with the fit through the hips (squish, squish) but it zips and it buttons and it's cozy and warm, so all in all I'm pretty darn pleased.  If I can find a suitable lightweight wool felt, I might make a second skirt to go with it that has a slightly more flared cut.

New York Creation hat with bird: Etsy
Carved bakelite earrings: Antiques shop in Tomahawk
Black wool felt suit: Dandelion Vintage on Etsy
Almost skintone tights: TJ Maxx
Black pumps: Goodwill

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bedazzled Broccoli

Even though Doug and I have been living adjacent to Boston and Cambridge for over a year now, we still haven't done a lot of basic touristy things and there are plenty of shops that we haven't visited.  One such shop is a large Cambridge thrift store called The Garment District, notable for having sorted vintage clothing in one section.  Since I didn't have to go to work last Sunday, Doug and I met up after our respective church services for brunch and a bit of shopping.

I'm still making a valiant effort to expand my cold-weather wardrobe, so I was pleased to come across a few nice separates at Garment District as well as a dress that I think will serve me well for a variety of seasons.  The prices were a touch steep for a thrift store, but much cheaper than a dedicated vintage shop, so whether or not pieces were a good deal was mostly dependent on their condition.  I thought this 40s back-buttoned blouse was a good enough deal, so it went home with me... even though Doug was a bit confused by the  rhinestone broccoli.

I tried to go pretty much full '40s for this ensemble, which was a little outside my vintage comfort zone, but I'm happy with how it all turned out!  My hair was already starting to rebel against the misty fall air when I took these photos, but everything else worked out about as planned.

Bakelite earrings and bangles: Thrifted various places
Back-button 40s blouse: Garment District
Basic 40s skirt: Half of a suit from Etsy
40s pumps: Etsy

Friday, November 14, 2014

What a Turnabout!

 Looking back at these photos from a few weeks ago makes me so very thankful to have heat and hot water again, especially since it's been dipping below freezing at night.  These were taken two Sundays ago after adventuring up to Portsmouth to attend Concetta's Closet's first and fourth anniversary party.  I didn't win any door prizes, but I took advantage of the sale to snap up a hat (which you won't be seeing till it warms up again!) and this snazzy turnabout skirt.  I've been wanting a turnabout skirt for a while, so it was fantastic to be able to nab one from one of my favorite shops in a selection of my favorite colors!

(This is a more accurate picture of what it took to be warm indoors, but I suffered for the sake of fashion and blogging.)

I think turnabout skirts are fascinating from a textile standpoint... all the planning that goes into making a fabric perfect for a very specifically shaped skirt is amazing to me.  I'm technically wearing the "inside" out in these pictures, which is only evident by a very narrow and well-matched hem at the bottom. The top portion of the skirt bubbles a bit on me (drat you, hips) but I think its worth a little imperfection to be able to wear one of these nifty bits of fashion history.

I feel like this is also a good time to mention that sometimes I have help when I take these sorts of photos for the blog, and sometimes I set up my trusty tripod and wander around the room with my little camera remote.  Just keep that mental image in mind for the next picture... and I assure you I had lots of unusable ones!

Velvet and satin bow hat: Hmm... Etsy?
Side button turtleneck: H&M
Blue moonglow earrings: Thrifted
Wool coat with fur collar: Thrifted
Pendelton Turnabout skirt: Concetta's Closet
Purple suede pumps: Gift from Doug

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Little Mish-mash of Things

Happy Veterans' Day!   I hope you've found a poppy or five for the occasion. (I have a large one to wear in my hair at work, but if I find someone selling them on my way I'll buy them for the whole evening contingent.)  I hadn't intended to have a patriotic-ish outfit for the day, but I procrastinated rather a lot getting these pictures up, so I guess the timing works out!

You'll have to pardon the slightly unenthused facial expressions, this was day two or three of our heat outage and I took these in the yard just as the sun was dipping below the horizon... so it was quite chilly!

I'd been wanting to get some sort of mildly nerdy T-shirt for a while now, and superheroes were pretty high up on the list for potential subjects.  I'm pretty picky about T-shirts these days, since I like ones where the pattern can be worked into a style that is at least sort of retro.  I admit a bit of trepidation in picking out something that I'm only a casual fan of, since geek culture has not been particularly friendly to women of late, but eventually the desire to put together the outfit that was camped out in my mind's eye overcame my hesitation.

Clearly words aren't my strong suit today (where'd that coffeepot go, now...?) but I hope that made some sense.  Anyways I am very happy with how the outfit came together and perhaps if I am feeling very brave a few more tiny nerdy things might make their way into my wardrobe.

Velvet pillboxish hat: Antiques shop in Morro Bay
50s suit jacket: Etsy
Red bakelite earrings: Antiques shop in Tomahawk
Captain America T-shirt: Newbury Comics
Red belt: Thrifted
Jeans: Imogene + Willie Elizabeths
Red bangle: Thrifted
Boots: Clarks, via DSW

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wedding Adventures: California Edition

 October really was the month for weddings!  Just two weeks after I got back from Florida we all headed off to California for the wedding of a dear friend from undergrad.  Traveling back into the summer months was a little bizarre after the weather had turned cold and blustery, but it was fun to be somewhere warm and dry (too dry, really) for a little while.

 We didn't just get to observe and snack on fancy appetizers at this wedding... the bride and groom conscripted all of their musician friends to provide the music for the ceremony!  An hour-ish of rehearsal (extended on suggestion of the Father of the Bride since the wedding party was still getting ready...) before the service started was all it took to assemble our rag-tag group.  Since the bride and groom met singing for a Latin Rite Catholic Church, we chanted the entire mass (at a pitch picked by a tenor, may I add...) in addition to singing two motets and a hymn.  We had certainly earned our dinner by the time the reception rolled around!

We snapped a few photos of our wedding guest finery while we were waiting for the bride and groom to wrap up their post-ceremony photos... hence all the goofy smiles.  It was a lovely ceremony.

Dress: Frank Starr, via Modern Millie Newburyport
AB rhinestone earrings: Thrifted
AB rhinestone necklace and bracelet: family pieces (maternal grandmother, I think?)
Gold belt: Borrowed from Doug's mom as I'd forgotten to pack mine!
Gold glitter pumps: Present from Doug