• A Try-Color Look

    As I’m sure you’ve realized if you’ve been around this blog much, it’s a rare week that I post about going to Salem and don’t post about having found some new treasure a few days later!

    A bold 1940s floral dress paired with a yellow tilt hat, green shoes, and a stack of Bakelite bangles

    This time, the treasure in question was a fantastic rayon jersey dress in the loudest floral print imaginable. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was a me dress, but I had shop credit and it fit, so it came home.

    Late 30s or early 40s rayon jersey in an eye-popping floral print of cream, grey, black red, yellow, and forest green, paired with a small golden yellow tilt hat

  • A Silly Hat in Salem

    Last time we talked about this hat I was complaining about having nothing to wear with it. I was determined find another excuse to wear it when we headed out to Salem the other weekend on a grey and overcast day.

    A colorful 1940s look, featuring a novelty print rayon dress and a purple tilt hat piled high with plumes. Black and bright magenta help tie it all together.

    I figured that as long as my hat shared at least one color in common with the rest of my ensemble, that would be good enough! Bold raspberry or fuchsia pink shades are a common accent in 1940s clothing, so I used that as my unifying color.

    From the top - a 1940s New York Creation tilt hat in vibrant purple, crowned with curling ostrich feathers in shocking raspberry pink.

  • June Showers

    I know that April showers bring May flowers, but I’m not entirely sure what June showers are supposed to bring. July vegetables, I hope! I’m all for warmer weather, of course, and all for rain, but the combination of the two does make dressing and doing one’s hair a bit of a challenge!

    A 1940s look featuring a floral rayon dress in shades of teal, olive, and bright pink paired with green accessories

    It rained on and off all morning the Sunday we took these pictures. My parents were in town to visit, so we all headed out for a morning latte, and then went to Doug’s church service for a bit of music since my choir season is over until fall. The pictures happened post-latte and post church, so even though I had hairsprayed my curls within an inch of their lives before we left home, the curls were losing their bounce by noon.

    A smart green 1940s tilt hat is decked out with felt flowers and a veil

  • Fancy Breakfast Adventures

    I’m not sure if you guys know this, but I’m terrible at making friends. Seriously. Some ladies have groups of friends, not me. If I’m lucky I can manage to scrape up about one friend in any given situation. One friend from my first college, one friend from that summer program I did… and really, only one real-life vintage community friend! I feel like I’ve been lurking around the vintage world for a while but I haven’t really done a good job meeting people. The one vintage friend I have managed to acquire is the lovely Hannah (you might know her as giltriddengal on instagram), who lives just far enough away that I don’t see her half as often as I would like.

    Vintage friends decked out in 1940s daytime looks - Novelty print 1940s floral rayon dresses are the order of the day.

    So I was thrilled to hear she’d be up in Massachusetts to attend a wedding, and we immediately plotted a breakfast outing together (the best meal!) to catch up.

  • A Dress for a Diva

    One reproduction brand I’ve wanted to try for quite a while is Trashy Diva. They make some really phenomenal prints and some really lovely vintage-appropriate cuts, but their dresses are also phenomenally expensive. A few bloggers I’ve been reading for a while have Trashy Diva dresses, including Emma of The Fiercest Liliputian and Carli of Konadlicious / Vintage Musings of a Modern Pinup and I’ve been hoping I could give the brand a try myself. I don’t love all their prints and styles, but a few (including those incredible and impossible-to-find Sci-Fi Rockets) are right at the top of my wishlist.

    Keeping cool in the shade with a summer drink and a Trashy Diva Lena Sarong in Steel Magnolias print

    The Steel Magnolias collection is another one of my favorites, as it features a few of my favorite colors. Green and grey are always winners in my book, and the pops of chartreuse and pink are perfect for a mid-century look.

    A rhubarb mojito and the Trashy Diva Steel Magnolias collection