• Snowy Valentine

    I don’t have any actual Valentine’s Day pictures for you, because on Actual Valentine’s Day I was mostly feeling sorry for myself and wearing a full-body sweater as I tried to avoid coming in contact with more people than necessary. Yes, in true winter form I am sick and busy being a large baby about it and napping as much as possible.

    Red and black Hell Bunny Vivien coat over a vintage black and white checked wool wiggle dress paired with a valentine heart brooch and red accessories

    Fortunately, I took some Valentine’s-y pictures earlier this month. I’m miffed that most of them turned out a bit blurry, but it was my first go at taking pictures with my new mini tripod so I suppose I can’t really expect perfection.

    Red and black Hell Bunny Vivien coat over a vintage black and white checked wool wiggle dress paired with a valentine heart brooch and red accessories

  • Think Springy Thoughts

    Now that I’ve found a skirt that matches my blue suit jacket, I’ve developed an overwhelming desire to wear it with everything. So, uh, you might be seeing a lot of this suit around the blog in the coming weeks. Sorrynotsorry.

    A springy late winter outfit with nods to 1940s style, featuring a royal blue suit paired with spring green accessories and a sparkly black overcoat

    We had a bit of mild weather at the end of January that put me in a premature spring mood, so I decided to pair my royal blue suit with green accessories (and a frog pin!) in hopes of channeling some warmer-weather vibes. Of course, the weather is still absolutely frigid… so long underwear, opaque tights, and an overcoat are all indispensable.

    A green 1940s tilt hat featuring a sweep of veiling and cut-felt flowers along one side

  • The Princess and the Queen

    We’ve finally gotten to the part of the winter where it has been cold for too long and this little Californian is starting to wonder if she will ever be able to leave the house with less than four layers on again.

    1950s inspired outfit in pink, blue, and black with novelty print castle skirt and a princess coat

    Most of all, I miss the simplicity of being able to put on a dress and be done. These days it’s opaque tights, a thermal undershirt, perhaps a slip, a dress or separates, a sweater, and then a coat on over everything, which leaves me feeling a bit like a stuffed sausage. That’s probably why I attempted to channel a more springy look in this outfit I wore the other day… even though I had to wear a long-sleeved thermal shirt underneath my sheer gauzy blouse.

    1950s winter ensemble with a black princess coat with velvet trim paired with a velvet cap

    Besides, this coat always makes me feel a little like an evil queen (something about the pointy velvet collar perhaps) so it seemed fitting to pair it with my most princess-y printed skirt. Unfortunately, the snow we had when I last posted is long gone so we’ll have to go with the Drab Dismal Forest look rather than a fairytale snowscape for the background.

  • Icy Blue for a Snowy Day

    Well… we had a snowstorm. One icy blast of winter last Saturday that made everything look like a winter wonderland for a few days, but looking outside a week later you’d never know. Fortunately, I had a good excuse to get dressed and get out while things were still snowy and picturesque.

    1950s vintage winter outfit featuring a black hat with blue feathers, black and white wool and velvet dress, black princess coat, overshoes, and blue gloves

    Cold days are a great excuse to pull out one of my favorite winter dresses. I’ve worn it a few times before and I’m sure this won’t be its last appearance this winter! It’s just so warm and fuzzy, and I can stick a long-sleeved thermal under it and nobody’s the wiser.

    Black vintage wool felt hat with a ruffled brim and swirls of ice blue feathers at the temples

    I also took the opportunity to wear one of my favorite tricky-to-style hats. I love everything about it except figuring out how to put it on my head! I had to go digging through the archives to see how I’d worn it before, and it looks like last time I popped the crown down for a more ’40s look. I’ll have to remember that trick next time around!

  • Those Wintertime Blues

    1940s vintage ensemble in blue and purple with a suit jacket and plaid Pendleton Turnabout skirt

    I won’t lie… although I love cold weather and I love having four distinct seasons, sometimes winter can feel pretty drab. Everything is brown, the days are too short, and the sky is just grey. It can be a bit of a drag. And we keep just getting rain, not snow. Snow would at least make things pretty. Of course, January is really just the start of proper winter and as I type this we’re forecast to have several inches of real honest sticks-to-the-ground snow this afternoon… so perhaps next time I write I’ll be singing a different tune.

    1940s royal purple suit jacket with asymmetric button details paired with ice blue

    I always like to liven up my winter days (and, to be honest, most days) with a pop of color. Purple is a really good color for that in my book.