• Rainy Days

    As much as I like the decreased humidity of autumn, it does come with its fair share of rainy days. I just happen to own the perfect novelty print dress for soggy weather, though, and since I do love a good thematic outfit it isn’t all bad.

    Vintage novelty print umbrella dress for a rainy day

    I let this dress sit in my Etsy favorites for a good long while before deciding to buy it because it was a bit as-is, and I’ve been slowly working on fixing it up. The worst of the issues are a few stains on the back of the skirt, and I finally gave it a good long soak to see if those would come out. Washing did lighten them coniderably, but the largest one is still visible. Since the discoloration is centered on a seam, I’m hoping I can just take it in by a half inch and hide the flaw entirely.

    For rainy weather, a vintage novelty print dress in slate blue with pink and white umbrellas, an umbrella pin, and a real umbrella

    After washing, I realized that the dress probably would benefit from a good ironing. The fabric wrinkles fairly easily, and it had a weird springy feel that one does not usually associate with woven fabrics. Sure enough, one aggressive ironing later (avoiding the persistent stain, naturally) the dress was smooth, shiny, and a good several inches longer. Seriously. I’ve photographed it for the blog before here, and you can see that both the waist and skirt hit much lower now!

  • Music in the Hills

    I feel like all I talk about on this blog is the weather, but since it plays such a major part in deciding what to wear, I suppose it makes sense! It was all cool and autumny for quite a while and then boom, two days of 80 degree weather. Totally uncalled for and very confusing.

    1950s fall outfit with a vintage music novelty print skirt with notes and pianos paired with a modern blouse

    Now, as much as I’d like to keep things upbeat (or just moderately whiny) I do have to take a moment to talk about heavier matters.

    If you haven’t already heard, one of the pillars of the online vintage community, Jessica of Chronically Vintage and her husband lost their home and all of their belongings (and, quite possibly, their dear kitty Stella) in a terrible house fire late last week. Fortunately, they themselves (and their dog) came out unharmed and they’re able to stay with family while they rebuild, but replacing a lifetime’s worth of clothing, tools, and technology is a daunting task, especially when paired with chronic illness.

    A crowdfunding page has been set up for the Cangianos on YouCaring here and if you happen to be able to pitch in anything, I am sure that it would be an enormous help as they get themselves turned rightways up again and prepare for winter.

    1950s fall outfit with a faux berry and fruit hat, bakelite bangles, a novelty skirt, and a burgundy lace blouse

    Anyway, today’s silly pictures brought to you by chasing the fading light up a hill after work to try to get some pictures. Not the best chasing up the hill shoes but I think the photos turned out okay so it was worth it!

  • Royal Redux - a Second Shoe Review

    One of the perks of my new commute is my convenient proximity to Minute Man National Historic Park. The stunning scenery, miles of walking trails, and historic buildings make it a favorite haunt of mine.

    A vintage autumn ensemble featuring a brown 1940s suit with a goldenrod tilt hat and sweater and brown Royal Vintage Shoes Dolores pumps

    I stopped by after work last week to take advantage of the beginnings of the fall foliage to snap some pictures of my outfit and the second pair of shoes I picked up from Royal Vintage Shoes. I haven’t had a pair of brown shoes that I love, so I picked up the Dolores slingback, partially with this outfit in mind. I’ve worn pretty much everything but the shoes before here.

    Vintage 1940s tilt hat in gold with feathers and sequins and a full-face rust colored veil

    So. About the shoes. As per usual, I must disclose that I am a brand ambassador for Royal Vintage, which (lest you think people are throwing shoes and money at me) in this case means I got a little discount on the shoes that I definitely would have purchased anyway in exchange for writing up my honest review here.

  • Royally Attired

    Well, enough real world for now, let’s talk about something near and dear to many ladies’ hearts: shoes! I’ve been waiting rather impatiently for the last month (and impatiently before that, too) for new shoes to arrive in the mail.

    A mostly modern 1950s inspired outfit in red and black, with a harlequin skirt from Pin Up Girl Clothing and black Marilyn pumps from Royal Vintage Shoes

    Now, of course, shoes don’t actually take a month to arrive in the mail, but when Royal Vintage Shoes released their first collection for pre-order, I snapped up my favorite styles right away. As you may remember, I’m a brand ambassador for Royal Vintage, so I am bribed with shoes (erm, I get a discount) to talk about shoes, but all opinions and reviews are my honest opinion.

    Royal Vintage Shoes Marilyn in black, a 1940s reproduction plain pump with a curvy vamp

    I picked up two pairs from the Classic 1940s collection, the Marilyn (featured here) in black and the Dolores (blog post coming soon!) in brown. I’ve actually been without a plain closed-toe black pump for a while so I was pretty excited about getting these. Especially as the weather gets colder, it’s really nice to have a staple black pump that goes with everything.

  • Feather in Your Cap

    Hello hello! I generally avoid mixing real life and vintage on the blog here, at least in detail, but it seems proper to let you know that I just survived day one at my new job, and I’ll be getting into the groove of that work/life balance over the next few weeks! To be honest, it probably won’t make a big difference to the blog, except that I might buy more shoes and post slightly more regularly since I’ll be leaving the house dressed like a real person a bit more often. Working from home did have its perks…

    Gold and grey 1950s day dress paired with black shoes and a grey hat with orange and black feathers

    Today’s ensemble (which is actually from a few weeks back because I’m hoarding pictures) was designed pretty much entirely around coming up with an excuse to wear this hat. I’ve been looking for an orange or yellow feathered hat for a while (goal: look like a cockatiel), and while this one is not entirely orange it was too silly and too cheap to pass up. I particularly like the long black feather poms that stick a good six inches out away from the base of the hat.

    A badger brooch and a silly hat with orange and black feathers add a pop of color to a monochrome 1950s inspired daywear outfit