• Pink Elephant Walk

    So, fair warning, I’m probably going to spend most of the rest of the summer complaining about the weather. See, I’m from the land of hot and dry and I’ve moved to the land of slightly-less-hot but drippingly humid and I do not cope well with humidity. Don’t let the windy weather in these photos fool you, the only wind we’ve had is the kind that’s pushing 90 degrees and might be bringing a thunderstorm along with it… not much relief from the heat!

    Bernie Dexter drunken pink elephants novelty print dress paired with red accessories

    So naturally, I’ve been living in the lightest cotton dresses I own. One that has been in near-weekly rotation is this fantastic Bernie Dexter dress. It features a great selection of my favorite colors (grey, pink, lime, and red are all winners in my book) and a fantastic novelty print of drunken pink elephants which I think is whimsical and hilarious.

    A bright red 1950s hat with a single feather tops off this retro outfit.

  • A Beachy Beach Trip

    The weather has finally gotten toooo hot, and so this weekend we finally went to the beach! These pictures are not from our latest outing, though… I’ve been holding on to them since I went to the beach last month with my parents before summer season (and summer nasty biting flies!) was in full force.

    A summer's day at the seashore! 1950s patio fashions are cool and breathable while keeping the hot sun off

    Since my skin tone is squarely between “fair” and “parchment”, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t burned to a crisp by the end of our outing. I opted to wear a shirt with longer sleeves to keep the sun off my shoulders and back, and this pretty lightweight blouse (the top half of a patio set) fit the bill just perfectly.

    Detail of the elaborate silver and aqua trims on this pale pink 1950s patio blouse

    Petal pink isn’t my top choice where colors are concerned, but the fantastic blue and silver trim on this set really makes up for it! I haven’t actually worn the whole set out yet… I’ll have to do that on a cooler day this summer.

  • Patio Pretty

    I’ve changed my wardrobe a little in the past three years… living in a different state means that I had to make a few adjustments — more coats, for starters. But, to paraphrase a well known phrase, you can take the girl out of California but you can’t take the California out of the girl! So even though I’m living in New England, I still entertain my southwestern styles every now and then.

    A vintage blue and white patio skirt paired with a white peasant top is the perfect combo for steamy summer days

    I admit that I do feel a bit out of place in peasant blouses or patio skirts, but loose airy garments are actually a great way to beat the sticky summer humidity! And I even found this fun skirt with all of its heavy trim and “made in Arizona” label in a Massachusetts antiques shop… so clearly I’m not the only one who has tried to wear western styles out here in the east!

    A heavy band of silver rick-rack and trimming accents this 1950s southwestern-inspired patio skirt

  • Finding Unicorns

    One of the fun parts of being a vintage collector is tracking down the pieces you want for your wardrobe. Sometimes this is more general — I’m looking for a medium blue hat. Sometimes, it’s more specific. One of the pieces I’ve been keeping my eye out for ever since I started collecting vintage was this music-themed novelty print skirt. I’m a trained musician, I used to play violin, the skirt is awesome… clearly it had to go on my wish list.

    A simple 1950s outfit serves to set off a novelty print skirt featuring a still life with musical instruments

    I’ve seen it in a few colorways — the background might be black or blue or brown — but almost always way out of my budget. Anyway, it lived on my mental list of “things to buy if I ever see them in the wild for a fair price” for a long time. And then the other week Hannah, like some vintage fairy godmother, saw a friend selling the skirt, thought of me, and put us in touch!

    Bakelite bangles bring out the warm colors in a novelty print 1950s skirt featuring violins and sheet music.

  • Happy 4th!

    Hello hello! I hope my American readers and a pleasant 4th of July and my Canadian readers had a good Canada Day! Now that we’ve kicked the season off with explosions and grilling, summer must really be here! Of course, as I type this post it is (once again) pouring rain… I’m not sure I will ever quite get used to “Up North” summers.

    Going on a summertime walk in 1950s style! Patriotic colors of red, white, and blue with a western novelty print blouse.

    This weekend, though, when it was edging in on 90 and incredibly warm and humid, we went out for an expedition to visit the Mass Audubon Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary in Belmont.

    Big cat-eye sunglasses, red lipstick, and a chiffon scarf over pin curls make even a casual outfit look glamorous

    I wasn’t sure that we’d be doing anything for the 4th, so I dressed up in some of my silliest red, white, and blue attire for the outing. I made the blouse last summer out of a novelty fabric remnant I found at the thrift store, but I’m not sure that I got the chance to photograph it properly… it doesn’t go with a lot of things that I own, and the western print seems somewhat out of place in New England!