Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sarasota Surf

Oof!  Home again from another weekend of travel.  I know I have quite a lot of photos to catch up on now, but I wanted to finish up with the last batch of photos from Florida before moving on to more seasonal images!  Besides, it's dreary and rainy here this morning, so a little burst of tropical sunshine seems like a good idea.

Like most women living in today's very image-centric world, I was rather self-conscious about these photos and the idea of posting them, but I'm doing it anyway.  Swimwear always makes me extra aware of my body shape and how it differs from the catalog model norm... and it doesn't help that finding a one-piece suit that I can swim in that also looks halfway decent and doesn't cost a hundred bucks is a monumental struggle.  I found this one in the plus section of Forever21 at the beginning of summer (only bikinis available in smaller sizes, make of that what you will!), and while it is a smidge loose in some places it fits pretty decently in others and doesn't do that too-small-spandex digging in at the hips thing.  And, bonus, the torso is almost long enough!  I feel like every strapless or halter swimsuit I try on begins a losing battle to keep the cups up where they belong instead of around my waist!  But this one pretty much stayed put, and I was happy about that.
So yes.  I feel like the occasional swimsuit photo and the more-than-occasional selfie can be a good tool for body positivity and self-acceptance.  And I'm only posting the ones I like the best.  So there.

Hair flowers: Michael's
Bakelite & other bangles: Thrifted
Swimsuit: Forever21 plus section

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Wedding Guest Dress

I'm about to leave to attend another wedding, so perhaps now would be a good time to share what I wore to my cousin's wedding!  I ended up going with the blue lace dress, and I'm glad I did... "Black Tie Optional" in Florida doesn't end up meaning very many floor-length gowns!  The picture quality is less-than-stellar in this post since I just grabbed a few shots with a little point-and-shoot that my dad tucked into his suit pocket of course there are a few iPhone photos as well.    The venue was stunning, so a few of these photos are from indoors during the cocktail hour wander-about.

Black orchid hair clip: Made by me
Blue rhinestone earrings: antiques shop somewhere
Blue rhinestone stretch bracelets: 57th Street Antiques
Black gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Velvet and lucite box purse: Antiques shop in Stevens Point, WI
Blue lace '60s party dress: Modern Millie Newburyport
Sequined sweater: Goodwill
Black suede pumps: Nine West, by way of Savers

Monday, October 13, 2014

Wearing Keys for Visiting Keys

As almost anyone who knows me can attest, I simply can't resist a bad pun or a bit of a kitschy theme.  So naturally when I learned I would be staying on Longboat Key for my cousin's wedding I knew I had to take along my novelty print keys dress to wear for travel and casual day wear.  Since we didn't get quite enough family kibitzing done during Friday night's cocktail hour, my extended family met up Saturday afternoon at St. Armand's circle for lunch and more chit-chat.

After eating a fantastic lunch, we did a little wandering around the circle to look at the shops, and I was sent to get more coffee for the beach house contingent since we had nearly used all of ours up!  So naturally I had to get a drink to try as well, as a sweet treat for after lunch and to fuel up for a few more hours of beachy fun before getting ready for the weekend's big event!


Aspen leaf hair clip: Made by me
Lucite drop hoop earrings: antiques shop somewhere
Bakelite, lucite, and unidentified plastic bangles: Thrifted
Black leather belt: Grandma's
Novelty key dress: Made by moi
Sequined sweater: Goodwill
Black suede pumps: Nine West, by way of Savers

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cocktails in the Tropics

I made it home!  There was a bit of a mix-up with travel times and days, but it was all settled quite uneventfully and I'm back with plenty of tropical pictures to share.  You might notice a bit of... repetition in my outfits from vacation, because I packed quite light for the trip.  One pair of shoes, one cardigan, three dresses... so the accessories are recycled quite a bit.

I settled on the Hawaiian dress for the Friday night cocktail reception, and I'm glad I did!  The more casual style fit right in with the other guests, and I was able to wear it on the beach when my trip was extended for a few days. 
And I got to carry my little velvet box purse for all of the evening events!  I picked it up for quite a steal on my trip to Wisconsin earlier in the summer so it was fun to be able to carry it around as my little evening handbag.

We stepped outside to take these pictures on the back patio of the house we  rented for the week.  Normally I take my own photos with a tripod or Doug helps by photographing my blog outfits.  I didn't pack along a tripod, and Doug was stuck at home... so my dad was kind enough to take some pictures for the blog!  As a result, I feel like the general atmosphere is a little sillier:

Aspen leaf hair clip: Made by me
Lucite drop hoop earrings: antiques shop somewhere
Bakelite, lucite, and unidentified plastic bangles: Thrifted
Black leather belt: Grandma's
'60s Hawaiian dress: Goodwill
Black suede pumps: Nine West, by way of Savers

Monday, October 6, 2014

Unneeded Umbrella

Last week, Doug and I had a bit of a day trip on my day off and went up the coast to Newburyport and to Portsmouth for a little dining and shopping. This isn't the post where I talk about what I bought (haul posts:  a thing you like to read or too much shopping oneupsmanship?  Discuss.) but just a few photos of my ensemble for the day and a little on our food and adventures.

We started out our adventure in Newburyport, where we stopped at Not Your Average Joe's for lunch because it had a lovely outdoor patio... and thankfully, the food was delicious as well! Once we were properly fed, we headed over to Modern Millie to see if I could find any more light fall clothing.  Sadly, all the best pieces were either too large or too small, but I came home with a few goodies. 
After that, we headed up to Portsmouth under the guise of going for a coffee at the Book & Bar... but really, I wanted to take Doug to Old as Adam, which had been recommended to us several times.  Doug was quite taken with most of the selection, and I picked up a few things to give him for his birthday and other such celebratory occasions.  After that we popped into Concetta's Closet to say hello and ogle the amazing gowns... and were ambushed by a few old ladies who really wanted to have their photo taken with us. 
And then we went and had our coffee.

It did not, thankfully, rain while we were out... but even if it had, I'm not sure that the miniscule umbrella I brought would have been much use.

Black turban: Made from this tutorial by Lilies & Remains
Novelty handkerchief: From Grandma
Umbrella brooch and earring set: Antiques shop in Stevens Point, WI
Pink blouse: Goodwill
Black blazer: Etsy
Black leather purse: Savers
Pleated 70s-does-50s or vice-versa plaid skirt: Goodwill
Black leather pumps: Savers