Monday, October 5, 2015

Soggy Flea

On a rather soggy day on our vacation, Doug and I trundled out to the flea market in Boulder Junction.  Clearly, the rain and my hair were not getting along, but I am not one to pass up an opportunity to get  dressed, so I put on my sweater and a giant velvet hat I bought on a previous outing and headed out.

Flea Market Outfit-1

Monday, September 28, 2015

On the Dock

Not every day of my summer vacation was packed with fun and adventure... in fact, some days were quite sedate.  We got the full spectrum of Wisconsin summer weather options, so there were a few days where rain and thunderstorms kept us mostly indoors.  Even on stormy days, though, we made a point of getting outside between the showers.

Dock photos-1

One of the best parts of being up north is the amazing view we have of the lake and the weather on it.  When it isn't too hot or too wet or too buggy, it's really lovely to sit at the end of the dock to have breakfast or perhaps a pre-dinnertime drink.  When the weather is a little less accommodating, it's nearly as pleasant to sit inside at the big picture window with a large cup of tea and watch the fishermen and the ducks go by.  

Dock photos-3

I guess I got a little enthusiastic with my clothes choices for the trip after absolutely sweltering in Boston, but it turns out that northern Wisconsin actually gets quite cold, even in the summer, so I was glad I'd brought a sweater along.  If I'd been a little more pragmatic I might have brought a few long-sleeved shirts and a light coat!  As it was,  I mostly wasn't too cold... but I've got to remember for next year!

Dock photos-4

Dock photos-5

Dock photos-2

Dock photos-6

Dock photos-8

Dock photos-7

Dock photos-10

Dock photos-9

Hair flowers: made by me
Blue teardrop earrings: Grandma
Blue and white taffy striped bangle: Thrifted
Blue sweater: 57th Street Antiques Mall
Sheer off-white ruffled blouse: Etsy
Pink patent belt: Target kids' section
Castle novelty print skirt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Blue sandals: Crocs

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Loony Old Time

One of the fun things about visiting my granddad in the summer is that a lot of towns have regular flea markets or craft fairs.  Often, our visit coincides with one or both of the larger craft fairs held in neighboring towns.  This was the case in August.  Just as we arrived, my aunts were busy organizing a shopping party to go to Loon Days!

Photo op with the giant fiberglass loon in Mercer, Wisconsin

Of course, since we'd been sitting in the car for so many hours we were game to go along.  After our necessary first stop for a photo-op with the giant fiberglass roadside loon at the edge of town, we headed in to see what there was to see!

Photo op with the giant fiberglass loon in Mercer, Wisconsin

Doug and I went through most of the booths rather quickly, as neither of us was really in the market for a photograph of a lake or small rustic Northwoods trinkets.  We did make a beeline for the food court, though, and got ourselves some fresh mini donuts and fried cheese curds for lunch and to start off our Wisconsin experience properly.

Wandering through the crowds at Loon Days in a summery vintage-inspired outfit

Staying cool for summer with a polka dot chiffon scarf tied in a big bow

Of course, I had to find something to buy... and fortunately at least one of the antiques stores in town was open in all the commotion.  I ended up picking up a little blue veiled hat, which matched my outfit perfectly!

1950s close fitting hat in blue and silvery white with rhinestones and a veil

I'll have to make sure to wear them together some time... although I may have missed my opportunity for this year.  It'll be like having a new hat in the spring!

1950s Vintage inspired summer outfit featuring a handmade two piece dress in shades of blue

1950s Vintage inspired summer outfit featuring a handmade two piece dress in shades of blue

Polka dot chiffon scarf: Modern Millie
Aqua drop earrings: Grandma
Swallow brooch: Classic Hardware
Two piece dress: Made by me
Sandals: Crocs

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Niagara Falls, take two

Well it's been long enough, and I've had time to look through all my pictures and put away all of my luggage... so that means it's time to share summer vacation photos!

Retro outfit for sight-seeing at Niagara Falls

Just like last summer, Doug and I put in for time off work to drive to Wisconsin to visit my granddad and see part of my extended  family.  Sure, we could fly, but since the price is about the same it's awfully fun to take the drive.  We try to stop to sight-see some, and of course it's a lot easier to visit all the little antiques shops in the middle of nowhere in a car.

Retro outfit for sight-seeing at Niagara Falls

One of the highlights of our trip last summer was a late evening stop at Niagara Falls. This time, we decided to stop there on our way out instead so we could get a proper look at everything in the daylight.  Unfortunately, a lot of the viewing platforms for the American side of the falls were under construction, and the lines were long enough that we decided against trying to go on any of the guided tours.  Still, it was very nice to get out of the car and have a walk and a look around, and the falls are very impressive in any light.  Next time, I'll have to get my passport renewed and plan to have a look from the Canadian side!

Niagara Falls

The Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls

Retro tourist outfit in pink and aqua featuring a novelty print castle skirt from Pin Up Girl Clothing

Deep aqua crab novelty brooch with seashells by Luxulite

Retro tourist outfit in pink and aqua featuring a novelty print castle skirt from Pin Up Girl Clothing

Cat-eye prescription sunglasses from Zenni Optical compliment a retro summer ensemble

Retro tourist outfit in pink and aqua featuring a novelty print castle skirt from Pin Up Girl Clothing

Head scarf:  Grandma
Shirt: Savers
Novelty crab brooch: Luxulite
Castle novelty print skirt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Sandals: Crocs

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tropical Dreams

When it comes to colors that I think I can rock, purple and orange-y red together are not up there very high on the list.  But when another chance came around at grabbing  the Hawaiian Hideaway dress from Pin Up Girl clothing I pounced on this dramatic colorway.

Red and purple Hawaiian Hideaway dress by Pin Up Girl Clothing