Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Atomic Kitten Paradise

Sometimes, you own pieces that absolutely demand to be worn together.  Sometimes this is a good decision.  Other times, not so much.

Voodoo Vixen atomic cat print dress styled with vintage accessories

This pairing might be a "not so much" for me... I got the atomic kitty print dress just before I went on vacation last summer, and I found the Paradise Kittens pumps while we were on the road.  Clearly, I had to wear them together at least once, but I think the pairing might be a miss for me.  The pointy toes on the shoes paired with the above-the-knee hem on the dress just doesn't quite do it for me.  Honestly, the just-above-the-knee hem isn't my favorite in any case, but I'll make an exception for novelty print kitties.  And fortunately, it seems that not all Voodoo Vixen dresses are the same length... I tried on (and, ahem, purchased) another one of their pieces that's been on my wishlist for a while and was pleased to find that the hem is a few inches longer, which ends up being much more wearable for me.

paradise kittens shoes insole

For novelty print kitties, though, I will make an exception.  Although, in the future, probably not with these shoes.

Voodoo Vixen atomic cat print dress styled with vintage accessories

Vintage sunhat styled with a sheer chiffon scarf

Close-up of cut out details on Voodoo Vixen kitty print dress

Atomic novelty print cats set off with a black belt and plastic bangles

Atomic novelty print cats set off with a black belt and plastic bangles

Voodoo Vixen atomic cat print dress styled with vintage accessories

Pink cat-print dress: Voodoo Vixen, by way of Modern Millie
Hat: Picked up at antiques shop
Pink scarf: Grandma's, I think
Black belt: Modern Millie
Bangles: Thrifted various places
Earrings: "Paton Baubles" courtesy of Allison
Paradise Kittens heels: Found at Antiques shop in Wisconsin

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tulip Time

Oh my, look at the time.... it's been over a week since I shared something here!  The reason for my complete disappearance from the internet?  Visitors!  My parents flew out to spend a week in Boston and so most of the day was spent being tourists, playing, and catching up on some major house projects.  I've got some fun pictures from our tourist days, and you might see the house projects eventually, although some of them still aren't quiiiite complete.

Purple vintage dress with black velvet buttons

Today's pictures are from a week or two ago, when the tulips were still blooming brightly.  They're mostly past now, and everything is taking on its summer green.  

You might have noticed, if you've been reading my blog for a while now, that I rarely have a purse in blog pictures.  This is not because I don't carry one (where else would I keep all my things?) but because my purses tend towards the utilitarian.  I generally stick to one until it wears out (switching purses means forgetting things) and it usually isn't black, so it doesn't really match my outfits day to day.

Purple vintage dress with black velvet buttons and a new purse big enough to stick a computer in

I got a new purse, though, and it even matched my outfit, so I decided to include it.  It isn't my daily purse because it is far too large, but it is my new blogger purse.  Why?  It's big enough that I can stick my laptop computer right in!  Quite a useful thing in a purse.

Detail of sleeve tab and velvet button on a purple vintage dress

Purple vintage dress with black velvet buttons

Modern shoes to match a vintage dress

Purple vintage dress with black velvet buttons

1950s hat with a very silly feather

Purple vintage dress with black velvet buttons 

Hat with comical feathers: Garment District
Purple dress with velvet buttons: Garment district
Southwestern-ish belt: Modern Millie
Giant honkin' purse: Marshalls
Black strappy pumps: Savers

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spring in New England

The snow is gone, the trees are blooming, and we've had a few days that even felt summery if you can imagine that! 

playsuit and tilt hat for spring 2

Doug's semester just wrapped up, so instead of making him spend an hour on public transit to take a 45 minute final, I offered to drive him into Cambridge instead.  I mean, sure, he could have taken the car, but driving gave me an excuse to get dressed and out of the house and check out a few of the consignment shops, so it seemed like a good idea.

playsuit and tilt hat for spring hat front

Of course I had to get dressed to leave the house, so our little excursion gave me a chance to pull out this tried-and-true ensemble I sewed for myself two summers ago and to try out a new-to-me hat I picked up over the winter.  Clearly, if I was not rushing out the door I ought to take a little extra time to give the veil a good steaming, because it's quite crinkly from storage!  I also think I might need to invest in a few other navy accessories.  I used to do black as my neutral almost exclusively, but as I've branched out to a few navy and brown pieces I find that I don't have the belts or shoes to go with the hats!

playsuit and tilt hat for spring waist

Also?  I really ought to sew the buttons on this sweater.

playsuit and tilt hat for spring shoe detail

playsuit and tilt hat for spring hat side

playsuit and tilt hat for spring hat

playsuit and tilt hat for spring hat back

playsuit and tilt hat for spring 1

playsuit and tilt hat for spring 3

Navy tilt hat with dotted veil: Modern Millie
Green sweater: Handknit by me
Blue floral two-piece set: Sewn by me, details here
Green pumps: Modern Millie

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Need for Tweed

I don't do adjustment to new places very well.  I've been in Boston almost two full years and there is a Greater Boston Vintage Society and last month I finally worked up the nerve to go to one of their events!

boston tweed outfit top

For my first foray into the Boston vintage social scene I ended up attending the Boston Tweed Ride.  Which, it turns out, is exactly what it sounds like and every bit as silly as one might hope.  I was just getting out of church when it started, so I met up with the group at their lunch stop and rode with them the rest of the way.  It fun to meet a like-hobbied group of people (and fun to meet internet-vintage-friend Shannon in person, who very kindly took a few snaps of me with my camera.  I didn't get any good ones of her, sadly...) and definitely fun to get on a bike again after not riding for a while! 
I don't own much (any?) tweed, so I went for a casual mid-century look instead that would look decent while still allowing me the range of motion to ride a bike.  I ended up renting a Hubway bike since I don't have one of my own here, and it was a great way to go, although the darn things only have three speeds and are geared a bit low for someone who has biked much at all.  We weren't moving very fast at any rate, about a hundred cyclists do a good job of closing down a lane of traffic, confusing pedestrians, and generally getting in the way.... which is an awful lot of fun to do in a city as crowded as Boston!  I hear that tweed rides are quite the rage, and I'd definitely advocate going to one if you have the opportunity, for the spectacle if nothing else.

boston tweed ride bike

boston tweed ride 3

boston tweed ride 2

boston tweed ride 1

boston tweed piano skirt detail

boston tweed bakelite

boston tweed outfit

Blue cabled sweater: Modern Millie
Bird brooch: Erstwilder
Bangles: Thrifted and various places
Red belt: Thrifted
Shoulder bag: Marshalls
Piano novelty print skirt: Etsy
Black low heels: DSW

Friday, May 1, 2015

Fit for a Fairytale

I adore my fiancé, but he is not, shall we say, excellent with gifts or gift-giving occasions or any of those sorts of nice tangible romantic gestures.  I mean, he does the important things, like helping with housework and packing my lunch when I have to be out the door at 5 AM and catching the centipedes that are too high up for me to reach... But not, you know, bringing home flowers or getting the perfect gift for Christmas or our anniversary. 

Retro 1950s inspired outfit with castle print Jenny skirt

So you can imagine my surprise when he told me there was a package coming in the mail and gave me many admonishments not to peek at it or open it if it arrived when I was home alone!  And my even greater surprise when the contents of the mysterious package were revealed... a fairytale castle print skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing!  Apparently Doug originally went looking for one of the Mary Blair skirts which I would dearly love to have and found that they were already sold out in my size, so he went for the castle print as a runner-up option.

Retro 1950s inspired outfit with castle print Jenny skirt

Needless to say, I love it!

Waist detail of castle print Jenny skirt and stretch elastic belt

Castle print Jenny skirt print from Pinup Girl Clothing

Retro 1950s inspired outfit with castle print Jenny skirt

Retro 1950s inspired outfit with castle print Jenny skirt

1950s pink and navy hat: Adeline's Attic Instasale
Black sweater: Forever21
Pink confetti lucite earrings: Antiques shop in Wisconsin
Black elastic belt: H&M kids' section
Castle print Jenny skirt: Present from Doug
Petticoats: Evangeline's
Black pumps: DSW