Saturday, December 22, 2012

Week 32.3: Early Mornings

The last few days have been a little hectic and I've been a little sleep-deprived.  Good thing I got today off to recoup before the Christmas Eve marathon of church services!  When we snapped these pictures, the weather was sunny and cooperative, but it's back to pouring rain again today.

Tiny red poinsettia clip: Icing
Black faux lace illusion shirt: Charlotte Russe
Black camisole: Charlotte Russe
Black pencil skirt: Goodwill
Grey tights: Target
Black leather ankle boots: Aldo, by way of Article Consignment


  1. A sunny day during the winter (at least in a North America) is so rare and wonderful. It's great that you were able to avail of that one to grab some outfit snaps. We haven't seen much sun since December started, but hopefully if we get a nice day soon I can follow your lead. :)

    Very pretty, classic - and classy - outfit. The tiny pop of red in your hair is a wonderful touch.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. That top is marvelous! And I'm a fan of those boots!



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