Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 31.2: Sweater Weather

Oh man, I'm falling behind.  I could say that I'll try to catch up this week (hahaha!) but it probably won't happen.  In the meantime, an outfit post!

...a somewhat lame outfit post.  I accidentally waited until 4:00 to take pictures, and my camera did not approve.  I love the winter, but I always have trouble adjusting to how early it gets dark.  And then I have trouble re-adjusting when the days get longer because I expect to have several hours between nightfall and bedtime and it just doesn't happen.

I like this sweater.  It's warm and thick and obnoxiously festive.  I'm pretty sure it once belonged to my father, but at some point I appropriated it and it's been living in my closet for quite a few years.  It's not the most flattering garment ever, but sometimes winter weather just calls for warm and fuzzy.

Red & white acrylic sweater: Formerly my dad's, circa the 1980s?
Dark blue jeans: American Eagle
Faux leather flat ankle boots: Forever21


  1. I echo your sentiments entirely. One of the few downsides to winter (and, to my mind, there aren't many - I adore this time of year so much!) is how crazily early it dark. On the plus side, we'll soon hit the winter solstice and the days will slowly begin to length again from there on out.

    What a cute, cozy sweater! Perhaps colours for this time of the year!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. your sweater is so fun! i love how it screams TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYSSSS


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